About the convention

The history and our future!

The AFPT Convention was born out of the dream of creating an arena where the people who want to grow and better themselves as people and professionals come to learn.

In the dream we created an arena where we gathered the best minds in the business and built an arena for expanding our knowledge, where everybody were and felt welcome. Continuing on fullfilling our dream and mission of providing updated knowledge to an audience that honores us with their presence we have pulled out all the stops for the upcoming year.

The first year

In 2014 the convention was held at Beitostølen, a Norwegian monuntain resort providing some of the best nature experiences in our country. Travellers from all over the country gathered for a great start.

In 2015 we expanded

and staged everything at the Quality Gardermoen Airport Hotel and due to the success we continued our journey there in 2016.

2016 gave us participants from Japan, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, Belgium as well as our national participants.

The presence

For 2017 we have chosen Clarion Gardermoen as our venue and have more than ever been working towards creating the ultimate arena for learning and spending time with people and professionals in our ever-expanding market. We have done this in a way that will give more to everyone. More practical sessions, more practical workshops, more vendors and partners, new and popular lecturers from all over the world as well as a venue that puts their pride in giving their customers their best experience.

The lecturers have been hand-picked on their expertise, experience, minimum subject overlap as well as feedback from previous participants and we do look forward to our biggest and best AFPT Convention 2017.

It is with great honor I am willing and able to present to you the 4th annual AFPT Convention on behalf of The AFPT Team.

Espen Arntzen, CEO AFPT