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The package includes 2 nights in single or double occupancy, Dinner Friday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday along with coffee, tea and fruit all days

The package includes access to all lectures as well as lunch Saturday and Sunday and fruit, coffee and tea all days.

You'll find all of your ticket information on your account page.

We won't issue any physical tickets for you, so don't expect any. You'll only find your tickets online on your page

The tickets will not be refunded after purchase. The tickets and money are non-refundable.

About bookings and the hotel

The hotel is about 6 minutes from the airport.

Take a look under the Venue page, you'll find more travel info there

We'll be handling a lot of requests and we'll try our best to get the bookings done as quickly as possible. We will send you information as soon as your booking is ready. Please be patient! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please make sure that you've provide us with a guest for every room you've booked. Yes, it's mandatory!

Are you serious about your training, profession or knowledge?

If so, this is the place you should be on SEPTEMBER 1ST-3RD of 2017.

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10 reasons why you should attend

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Meet people who share your passion for health and fitness.

The AFPT Convention is for anyone who’s interested in fitness and want to learn more about topics that can help them achieve their goals.

Hand-picked topics

The topics are hand-picked to give you the tools that are currently most demanded and talked about in health and fitness community. Some of these are "Facts and Fallacies on fatloss", "Female fitness - body aesthetics and health", "How to build the ultimate PT business", "Sugar’s impact on health", "Intermittent fasting”, "How to keep your integrity while succeeding in the industry " and much more. You won’t forget a thing, since all the lectures will be available for you to download.

The world's leading experts in their fields meets up

The speakers are carefully picked by us with the sole purpose of giving You access to the best of the best in the world. Not only will you meet these international superstars, you’ll also get the opportunity to listen to Norwegian speakers with years of experience in the industry. They’ll tell what’s happening in the Norwegian market and give you their best tips on how to succeed.

Extend your professional network

You don’t succeed on your own. Most successful people have a large network of people with different knowledge and skills. The AFPT Convention provides you with a greater opportunity to build your own network that eventually makes You better at what You do.

One place, so many topics!

Most conventions or courses only give you knowledge about one specific topic. This is not the case if you attend the AFPT Convention. We’ll cover at least 10+ different topics and leave you with a serious knowledge boost.

No overlapping lectures.

Some conventions run different sessions at the same time, forcing you to choose between topics. We will not make you choose! We made sure that no sessions will be overlapping, so You won't miss a thing.

We made it easy for you to attend

We selected Quality Airport Gardermoen to facilitate travelers from both home and abroad. Easy transportation, lodging and short trips are the keywords that minimizes your efforts to attend.

Meet different vendors from the fitness and health industry

If you’re a studio owner, personal trainer or just someone who’s interested in fitness, this is a great opportunity to strike a good deal or get some new business partners.

Practical and theoretical lessons

We know that 3 days of pure theory is pretty heavy to consume. Because of this we’ll offer a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. You can participate in the practical sessions or just lean back and listen. Your choice.

This is the place where the best meets

By "the best" we mean You who want to become the best version of yourself. In creating an arena for learning where people like you who share the same interests and willingness to learn are coming together, we create a place for improving the industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


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